Illuminate Your Goals, Connect to Your Truest Self, and Live a Wildly Fulfilling Life


As a professionally trained Co-Active® Coach, I help you design and live your most exciting, adventurous, and fulfilling life. I do that by helping you:

  • Identify what really brings you joy

  • Define your life purpose & build a plan for living it

  • Help you to uncover hidden strengths and personal resources

  • Build the courage to take the next step

  • Create deeper connections with yourself, your partner, family members & friends

Coaching has truly transformed my life. I have learned SO much about myself, discovered my “hidden” talents, and have gained the confidence to do what truly matters to ME. It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
— Alex D., Seattle, WA

Based on the belief that every human is naturally creative, resourceful, and whole, the Inner Compass Coaching method guides you through a series of thought-provoking, empowering conversational exercises to help you develop the tools and resources to open up new opportunities and possibilities in your life.

All of this is done within a safe, compassionate space where you can breathe, explore, experiment, fantasize, and strategize without limitations. It is a place where you can speak your full truth without fear of judgement. It is a place where “failure” is acknowledged as a means of learning and growth. It is a place that is designed with you and for you.

What to expect from me:

  • Someone who will see you from the perspective of your fullest potential

  • Someone who will help you learn, grow, and make your highest impact on the world

  • Someone who is deeply committed, compassionate, enthusiastic, and who you can lean on

What to expect from coaching:

  • Greater clarity of your core values and how honoring these (or not) impacts your life

  • Exploring deep-seated belief systems and inner dialogues that may be holding you back

  • Tools and resources to provide more of the "fuel" you need to make important life changes

  • Increased self-empowerment and engagement with your inner wisdom

  • On-going support and encouragement to keep you moving forward!